June handicap results

The results for the June handicap are now on the website – click here for the 10km results and here for the 5km.  The handicap is on rain, hail or shine and there were a total of 25 runners in the 10km who took that literally and braved the weather.

As there were only 4 runners in the 5km, no points have been awarded.  There needs to be a minimum of 10 runners to have a ‘race’.  Send any complaints to the handicapper, but remember, the handicapper’s decisions are final.

The full ladders are here for the 10km and here for the 5km.  Current top 5 are:

Name Points Count
Vicky Huyskens 33 3
David Cannings 33 4
Simon Monk 30 4
Marc Psaila 30 5
Dave Gallagher 23 2
Justine Laughton 23 4

and for the 5km

Name Points Count
Thomas Donahue 33 4
Harry Deveney 30 4
Caetlin Ashby 29 4
Myles Ashby 28 4
Liam McLean 26 4

This Sunday, July 3, is the next handicap.  Start times and race numbers are posted here for the 10km and here for the 5km.