September Handicap Results

The results for the September handicap are now on the website – click here for the 10km results and here for the 5km.

The full ladders are here for the 10km and here for the 5km.  The top 5 are the same people as last month, just in a different order.  Here are the top 5 in the 10km:

Name Points
David Cannings 64
Simon Monk 45
Murray Ashby 39
Marc Psaila 35
Vicky Huyskens 33

and for the 5km:

Name Points
Myles Ashby 45
Thomas Donahue 41
Jude Donahue 38
Caetlin Ashby 37
Harry Deveney 33

There’s two more handicaps for the year – next handicap is on Sunday, October 2.  Start times and race numbers are posted here for the 10km and here for the 5km.

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