October Handicap Results

The results for the October handicap are now on the website – click here for the 10km results and here for the 5km.

The last handicap for the year is on Sunday, November 6.  Start times and race numbers are posted here for the 10km and here for the 5km.

The full ladder is here for the 10km. There are only 2 people left in the running for 2016 honours, but with David Cannings having a 18 point lead, Simon Monk will need to win to have any chance. (David could also make sure of it by doing the timekeeping.) Here are the top 5 in the 10km.

Name Points Count
David Cannings 64 7
Simon Monk 46 7
Marc Psaila 41 8
Murray Ashby 39 8
Andrew Layson 37 6

The full ladder is here for the 5km. There are 9 people still in the running to take out the 2016 5km trophy. The possibilities get interesting especially with 4 of the contenders having already run 8 races – only the best 8 races count towards the total for the year.

Name Points Count
Myles Ashby 46 8
Caetlin Ashby 43 8
Jude Donahue 42 8
Thomas Donahue 42 8
Marsha Budden 35 7
Harry Deveney 33 6
Victoria Budden 29 5
Liam McLean 28 5
Jesse Loffel 27 3

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