Where should I start?

Where should I start?- that depends on your running experience, current fitness level and confidence when running on trails.  We have two types of runs:

The 1st Sunday of each month is our Handicap race.   There are 5km and 10km options (your choice). These are a great introduction to the club and other members (you can join us for Breakfast provided by the club after the run).
Other Sundays are Bush runs.  We have a bunch of different courses we run (you can see details on this website).  These range from in distance from 8-13km, and vary in terrain from fire trails to “technical” single track.  Elevation gain varies from 150 – 400m.   We usually have 2 groups – a slower “social” group which starts at 7am, and a faster group of experienced runners who start at 7.15am.


We recommend that you:

Start with the Handicap if you:
    • are just getting into running,
    • are returning after a long time off,
    • haven’t run on trails before, or
    • are under 18 years old (you need a parent to run with you on a trail run if you’re <18)
Typical run times are 25-45mins for the 5km and 40-65mins for the 10km.  We can slot you in to a start time that suits you and you’ll quickly work out what’s right for you.
Join for a bush run if you are:
    • an experienced trail runner, or
    • can run >10km comfortably
If you run a flat(ish) 10km in under 45mins the 7:15am start is probably your best choice.
If you run 10km in 50-60mins, or haven’t run on trails before, we recommend the 7am social group.
Starting with the social group is a good option if you’re not sure.  The faster 7:15am start group usually catches the earlier starters after 1/2 hour – so if you’re feeling the pace in the 7am start group is a bit slow, you can always swap to the 7:15 start group when they pass.

Click here for responsibilities for running safely with the club.