April handicap results and May start times

The results for the April handicap are now on the website – click here for the 10km results and here for the 5km.

The ladder leaders for the 10km handicap are:

Placing Name Points
1 Vicky Huyskens 33
2 Justine Laughton 22
3  Chris Graham 21
3 Marc Psaila 21
5 Tony Hogan 18

… and for the 5km are:

Placing Name Points
1 Myles Ashby 27
2 Liam McLean 25
3 Caetlin Ashby 24
4 Harry Deveney 22
5 Coen Loffel 19
5 Stewart Wallace 19

The full ladders are here for the 10km and here for the 5km.

The next handicap is this Sunday, May 1, and start times and race numbers are posted here for the 10km and here for the 5km.

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March Handicap Results & April Start Times

The results for the March handicap are now on the website – click here for the 10km results and here for the 5km.

Congratulations to Ben Graham for running 18:33, a new record for the 5km course.

We also had another record attendance last month with 38 people running the 10km handicap race.

The ladder leaders for the 10km handicap are:

Placing Name Points
1 Chris Graham 21
1 Justine Laughton 21
3 Joseph Jones 16
3 Terry Ambrose 16
5 Marc Psaila 13
5 Vicky Huyskens 13

… and for the 5km are:

Placing Name Points
1 Caetlin Ashby 21
1 Harry Deveney 21
1 Myles Ashby 21
4 Coen Loffel 19
5 Victoria Budden 16
6 Stewart Wallace 11

The full ladders are here for the 10km and here for the 5km.

The next handicap is this Sunday, April 10, and start times are posted here.

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Newsletter Articles Wanted

The Bushrunner, the Berowra Bush Runners club newsletter, is coming back … but first, it needs contributions.  If you run a race, see a good running related movie or want to give training tips which inspire you, send a story and any results you have to Rebekah at bek@berowrabushrunners.com to have it shared with our fellow runners. These will be published on our website for members to enjoy.

As a guide, please keep articles to 750 words or less.  Photos are also welcome, as a picture tells a thousand words.

For race results, please email your time and any other important details to raceresults@berowrabushrunners.com

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Feb handicap results & March start times

We had a record attendance of 85 runners & timekeepers for the first handicap race of the year. The results for February are now on the website – click here for the 10km results and here for the 5km.

The ladder leaders for the 10km handicap are:

Placing Name Points
1 Chris Graham 20
2 Terry Ambrose 15
3 Vicky Huyskens 11
4 Marc Psaila 8
5 Ted West 6
6 John Newton 5

… and for the 5km are:

Placing Name Points
1 Myles Ashby 20
2 Victoria Budden 15
3 Stewart Wallace 11
4 Coen Loffel 8
5 Harry Deveney 6
6 Ryan Hogan 5

The full ladders are here for the 10km and here for the 5km and still everyone is no more than one win away from the top.

The next handicap is this Sunday, and start times are posted here.

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2016 Calendar

The calendar for BBR Sunday runs for 2016 has been updated and is now been posted on the website here.  Unless otherwise stated, all runs commence from Warrina St promptly at 7:15am.

For each Sunday run there is a short course and a long course.  Generally the short course follows the same directions as the longer course, except with an earlier return/diversion point.

Maps of virtually all runs have now been updated and can be found on the website under the Maps menu, or by following the links on the calendar page.  For those who plan for an extended run further than the 10km Sunday run, a “hydration and ablutions” map, which lists locations of water and public toilets, has been prepared.

As well as the usual ten handicap races from February to November, in 2016 we have:

  • two Beep Tests (in March and November),
  • King of the Mountain in August,
  • Urban Rogaine in October,
  • the all-new Bush Navigation Challenge, and
  • four social events (one per quarter).

We have endeavoured to keep these events outside of the school holidays to ensure as many people can attend as possible.  Note that the April handicap has been moved to the second Sunday in April, to avoid a clash with the Galston Gut Buster race (April 3).

More details on the Bush Navigation Challenge will follow closer to the date.  This is an off-road course and compass skills are required.  The course and instructions come courtesy of Jeff Hodder.


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Final 2015 handicap results

The final handicap results for the year are now posted on the website. Click here for the 10km results for the November handicap & here for the 5km.

Final results for the year for the 10km handicap are:

Placing Name Points
1 Murray Ashby 56
2 Alice Kucera 55
3 Michael Sims 45

Final results for the 5km are:

Placing Name Points
1 Jude Donahue 66
2 Jeremy Burgess 62
3 Harry Deveney 61

The full ladders are here for the 10km and here for the 5km.

Trophies will be presented at the Xmas party on Sunday 6 December.  Remember to RSVP to bek@berowrabushrunners.com for catering purposes.

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Handicap this Sunday

This Sunday, registration for the handicap will commence from 7am so that we can start the handicap on time (7.15am).

We’re trying to make the Handicap run more smoothly, so there are a couple of changes to the Handicap this month:

  •  First, every member will be getting their own permanent race number.  All you’ll have to do is remember your number, use it to register for the Handicap and call it out as you finish.
  • Start times will be on a notice board so you can check your time whenever it suits you.
  • There will be a race briefing (helpful to newer members – but important for everyone running the 5km this month because we’ll be running the new 5km course for the first time).


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When One Takes The Bull By The Horns – Buffalo Stampede

BRIGHT VIC 12 APRIL 2015 by Joan Cleary

When I think of a buffalo several words spring to mind like strength, wild, free, powerful, dangerous, unpredictable, etc. As I sat comfortably in my lounge room registering for the Buffalo Stampede I never thought to make the connection between the event and these characteristics. Before I knew it April was upon us and we found ourselves in Bright, all the family on my big adventure.


We arrived on a beautiful autumn day just ahead of the first finishers of the Ultra – beasts in their own right. All starters were winners that day. As we relaxed in the Bright Brewery that night it was like we were amongst trail running royalty and the thought did cross my mind as to what on earth was I doing here – however nerves never set in, ignorance was bliss and the next morning at exactly 7am the 42SkyMarathoners were off to the sound of cowbells ringing.

What ensued for the next 42kms cannot be properly explained to anyone who hasn’t experienced the course. I was faced with 2 huge accents/descents (1029m accent and 1092m decent over 15km) and with my calves screaming at me I wondered how on earth I was going to get through the rest of the race. The descents were a huge amount of fun, out of control delirious fun. There were landslides of rocks, clouds of red dust, debris and even at one stage a human all rolling out of control down the descents. Mandatory equipment should include canyoning gear and a toboggan! I had purchased poles especially for this event and oh how grateful I was for them.

Running towards the first checkpoint (Bucklands) I had a vision of one of my daughter’s colourful leggings from a distance. Confused I thought this is not where they should be, I was meeting them at the next checkpoint then my confusion mounted as to which checkpoint I was actually coming into. My watch was telling me the kms I had already covered and they shouldn’t be here which meant my confusion escalated as to why so early in the race my head was already playing games with me! Then panic set in as to how they were going to get to the next checkpoint before me (because I can outrun a car!) as that was where I had planned my major refuelling. Anyway Strava shows me that my pace quicken significantly coming into this checkpoint, so seeing my family here was a huge bonus.

Onwards to the next checkpoint (Eurobin), I felt like I was settling better into the run at this stage. The little accent/descent (349m ascent and 333m descent over 9.1km) was a very welcome relief compared to what was already conquered. Seeing my husband here was great, he took his job as ‘crew’ very seriously, and had everything on hand that I had packed the night before. My kids on the other hand were too busy in the kids’ craft tent making a running mummy with pipe-cleaners so unfortunately I didn’t get to see them. And then I was faced with the beast, Mount Buffalo itself (1126m ascent and 86m descent over 10km). I was only 24km into the run at this stage.

This climb is a very runnable climb if you were starting fresh at Eurobin. However, with a hard 24km already under my belt, running wasn’t an option most of the time! When not running, I kept reminding myself to walk with purpose and try and keep up with someone in front (and if they run then you run!), some wise words from fellow BBRs. I did better than this and passed many runners on this leg of the run. I was greeted by my two daughters on the steps leading up to the Chalet and in my heart I knew the end was nigh with only 7kms to go. For the loop out and back to the Chalet the ascents/descents (430m ascent and 430m descent) didn’t look like much on the map in comparison to the other ascents/descents of the run but I got a rude awaking – there was still plenty of work to be done on this leg! This leg also included scrambling through rock formations (Chalwells Galleries) which was a little treat on such a tough run. The last 2km was the hardest, I knew I had to dig deep to try and get home under 7hrs but my legs had other ideas and several runners passed me at this stage which was a little disheartening.


Coming up the final steps back to the chalet to the cheering crowd, ringing cowbells and my proud family was amazing. I knew that finishing this event wasn’t just going to be an athletic achievement. It was a state of mind, a state of mind that says anything is possible. And for this opportunity I thank my wonderful supportive family, my fellow runners and anyone who has lent an ear in the lead up to this event. I would also like to have a huge shout out to Tailwind, it was my only fuel for the event (despite my secret stash of gels, jelly beans, and an energy bar), Tailwind just hit the spot when required and kept me going. A huge thank you to the beautiful township of Bright for it hospitality and turning on the beautiful weather for the 3-day event. And lastly but by no means least a huge kudos to the event organisers for all their hard work in making this event possible whilst also making it a very family friendly one.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with my effort (7hr and 49sec, 73rd overall, 17th female home and 4th in my age group), however I sadly didn’t get called aside to have my two minutes post-race interview with the race director! Perhaps I should have amused the excited supporter who upon hearing my accent as I summited Mystic had presumed I had been flown in for the event.

Next stop for me is TNF50 in May and in August I will be taking on Oxfam 100 with 3 BBR members.

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My First Marathon

CANBERRA, APRIL 12, 2015 by Alice Kucera

The two weeks after the Galston Gut Buster flew by so quickly. I was very excited when my parents and I set out for Canberra on Saturday morning; the race started early on Sunday. In terms of tapering, I certainly took carb loading to heart in the week leading up to the race which included Easter and my birthday. We stopped in Goulburn for lunch and after a very generous meal I was a little worried that my body would forget how to run after so much indulging.

Canberra Marathon start

After a restless night, race morning arrived and I was ready to tackle those 42.195kms. I was surprised at how warm it was around 6am in Canberra, having initially been concerned that I hadn’t done any training in colder weather. I really enjoyed the first 10kms of the race, I decided to keep the 4:30 pacer in sight and see where it would take me. At this point in the race I was full of energy and couldn’t believe I was running my first marathon. The sunrise was beautiful behind Parliament house, and it was a very surreal feeling for me to finally be here after 6 months of training. As the race progressed, I realised that I have always struggled to keep even splits in training as I tend to start faster and slowdown in the last 10kms or so, and the marathon was no exception. I managed to hold on to the 4:30 bus until about 26kms, where I stopped a little longer at the water station and realised that I would not be able to keep that pace for another 16kms. My legs were hurting, and I was regretting not stretching more at the start line. I felt a slight hip flexor niggle right from the beginning, and by the 26km mark this had become quite painful and lifting my right leg was not pleasant.  I had a mini mental crisis here, and looking back probably ‘hit the wall’. I was tempted to walk, but knew that it would be incredibly difficult to start running again, both physically and mentally. I pushed through and reminded myself that it was my first marathon and after all, my main goal was to finish! I knew that I could do that and stopped looking at my watch every three seconds and concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other. The last 10km were painful, but made so much better by the encouraging volunteers and race marshals.

Despite the fact that everything was hurting, I was delighted to be finishing my first marathon. With the finish line in sight, I gave it my all and sprinted to the end, happy with a solid effort. My time was 4:35:09. I finished, well under five hours and closer to 4:30 than I expected. Even though I could barely walk, I was one happy marathoner! While I enjoyed the course, I found that pounding the bitumen was quite harsh on my joints and I definitely appreciate trail running a lot more. I would like to do another road marathon this year as well as many more trail events. I have a newfound respect for marathon and ultra-runners.

Thank you again for all your support! Alice

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Galston Gut Buster 2015

bushtelegraph 20150409 cropped

The Berowra Bush Runners was one of many teams which participated in the inaugural Galston Gut buster in 2015, but was the only one which appeared on the front page of the Bush Telegraph.

Click here for the full article by Mick Gallagher, “Berowra Gut Busters … in the Gorge”.

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