Here are a few things to know about the handicap procedure.

  1. Get to Warrina St by 7am.  There are often quite a few new people at the Handicap, so in case we need a bit more time to get organized, being there early helps us to get started on-time.
  2. Go to the notice board, find your race number (which does not change from month to month or year to year) and start time.

If you are a new member or casual runner, you can get a temporary race number.

  1. Go to the timekeepers and tell them your number and which event you’re doing (5km or 10km)
  2. Keep an eye on the race clock to make sure you start on time (the timekeepers will try to call you, but YOU as the runner are responsible for starting at the right time).
  3. Call out your race number when you cross the finish line – make sure the timekeepers have written it down.