Urban Rogaine

BBR Urban Rogaine

What is a Rogaine ?

A rogaine is an event which combines long-distance running, map-reading / navigation and answering questions.  Teams use a map marked with a number of checkpoints or controls to navigate their way to the controls.  There are no set routes for a rogaine.  You can pick your own course and do it in any direction.  There is no requirement to visit all the controls, or to do them in any particular order. For each control there is a question which you have to answer.  Teams aim to accrue the maximum points in the time available.

This urban rogaine:

  • is a team event (3 or more people in a team, see ‘BBR teams bonuses’ below);
  • commences at 7:00am at the Warrina St oval car park for teams registration by 7:15;
  • maps (of Berowra & Berowra Heights and possibly some bush) will be available to all teams at 7:15 and 15 minutes allowed for route planning;
  • has a massed start occurring at 7:30 ;
  • finishes at Warrina St Oval with a time limit is 90 minutes (penalties apply of you exceed the maximum time, there are no penalties if you return under the time allowed);
  • is on foot (bikes not allowed);
  • a breakfast and prize giving will commence at 9:15 am.

How are points scored?

1/          Correct Answers

Teams will have one map and one set of question/answer sheets.  The map contains a number of different controls which are marked on the map.    Different controls are worth different point values.

For example, controls numbered 10-19 are worth 10 points, controls worth 20 – 29 are worth 20 points etc. The control point’s values are set so that as you venture further from the start point more points are gained corresponding to a greater effort to reach them and return in the time allowed.

Each control is linked to a question (on the question sheet), and questions contain information relating specifically to that point on the map.  They are not general knowledge, and you generally can only answer with certainty if you are at the right location. For example,

At the end of Ti-Tree Cr, how many images are on the sign on the gate to Berowra Valley Regional Park?

2/          BBR Team Bonus points

In keeping with the family orientated theme for the rogaine, bonus starting points will be awarded to teams on the following basis:

  • 10 points for the number of years any team member is under 18 or over 65. That is, if your eleven year old is in your team, 18-11=7 so 70 bonus points and
  • 25 points for each team member not normally domiciled in the same house as a club member. That is, next doors 11 year old, 70 points for their age and 25 points for their address so 95 bonus points.

3/          Penalty Points

Teams only have until the expiration of the time limit to accrue points. Once the time limit expires points will be deducted at the rate of 10 points for each minute or part thereof that a team returns after the time limit expires.