Beep Test

What is a Beep Test?

The Beep Test, also known as a shuttle run, bleep test or multistage fitness test, is a hugely popular benchmarking tool for fitness.  It is basically interval running between two lines 20m apart.  A recording ‘beeps’ to start you off and you need to get to the other line by the next beep.  You wait there for the beep to sound again and then run the next shuttle.

After approximately one minute there is a step-up in level indicated by three rapid beeps.  The interval between beeps becomes shorter and therefore your speed needs to increase slightly.

When you are unable to reach the line before a beep, you are eliminated.

The BBR Beep Test

  • this beep test is conducted on the Warrina St netball courts
  • the distance between intervals will be approximately 20.2m depending on which two sets of lines are chosen
  • when you are unable to reach the line before two successive beeps, you are eliminated.  That is, if you fail to reach the line before a beep you must make the other line before the next beep to avoid being eliminated.

How are points scored?

Your score is the level you obtain and the amount of shuttles successfully completed within that level.  Hence if you get into the seventh level and complete 5 shuttles within that level, your score is 7.5.

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