Short Runs

Follow the menu or the links below for detailed directions for the short runs on our Sunday calendar.

Note: Old Community Centre is now known as Berowra District Hall.

Course Distance (km) link to maps
Alston to lookout return (out and back)  5.8 click here
Berkeley – Currawong  4.4 click here
Berkeley – Old Community Centre  5.7 click here
Currawong – Joalah  5.3 click here
Gully Rd – Old Community Centre – Joalah  5.3 click here
Joalah to Berkeley  4.6 click here
Old Community Centre – Berkeley  5.7 click here
Sam’s Creek (return via Joalah)  6.7 click here
To Sam’s Creek (out and back)  5.1 click here
Turner / GNW (turn around at lookout post (green box))  7.4 click here
Turner Ridge trails  9.6 click here
Waratah Bay return  5.9 click here
Wideview – Turner  6.9 click here
Wombat Run (short) (left up Bambil after Ti Tree return)  7.1 click here

For those planning a longer run, or just in case you need it, here is a link to find the nearest public toilet.